Featured photographer: Niv Shimshon

Hello Tribe members, 

Today, we would like to introduce you to the work of Niv Shimshon, a photographer based in Toronto. His outstanding work will win your heart for sure.


Name: Niv Shimshon
Business Name: Niv Shimshon Photography
Where is ‘home': Toronto. We (My wife and I) moved to Toronto from Tel-Aviv, Israel, 3 years ago. We just love Toronto! It is such an amazing city with the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Niv Shimshon - edited with Fernweh C1Edited with Fernweh C1


Years as a photographer/years in business: I always had a camera in my hand, but I graduated from photography school in 2005. I officially opened my wedding photography business in 2010, back in Tel Aviv, and when we moved here (Toronto), it was basically like opening a new business all over again. So, six years of shooting weddings.

Niv Shimshon - Edited with Redwood
Edited with Redwood C6

What is your favorite Red Leaf action/preset? If I have to choose one, I would say Fernweh! For the way I shoot, this is the most versatile preset. But, I also LOVE Redwood and use it quite often!

Niv Shimshon - edited with Redwood BW 5
Edited with Redwood BW 5

How would you describe your photography style? Creative Candids. During a wedding day, I don't tell the couple what to do nor do I come with "must have" shots in my head. Most of the day for me will just be there with the couple, documenting the day as it unfolds. During portraits, I love to be more creative, but again, I never heavily pose a couple, I will just let them be with each other and enjoying the moment.

Niv Shimshon - edited with Fernweh C1
Edited with Fernweh C1
Who is one person/couple you would love to photograph, living or passed on?
I wish I could photograph my grandpa when he was 18 and living in France. I love going through old photos of him from that time. He looked so happy (and stylish)!
Edited with Fernweh C1
You're going on vacation (you choose the destination), and you're limited to one camera body/lens. What do you take and why? Canon 5D Mark III and a sigma art 35mm lens. With this setup, I can shoot 90% of my photos. For me, 35mm is like second nature. I feel that this is the perfect focal length to tell a story through a photograph. When you shoot your subject, it is wide enough to give you a sense of place by letting more detail into the frame and, if you want, you can always get closer to your subject. I love to get close to my subject with this lens. It's also a bonus that Red Leaf presets look just awesome with the Sigma Art colors.
Niv Shimshon - edited with Redwood C1
Edited with Redwood C1
List one goal you have set for yourself to achieve or work toward in 2016: Since I'm relatively new to the market here, my goal is to have my work reach more people, which will help my business grow.
Niv Shimshon - edited with Film Shift Color
Edited with Film Shift Color 
What is one piece of advice you wish someone had offered you during your first year of shooting? You can be the best photographer in the world, but that is not enough to build a business. Luckily for us, we live in a world where we can find so much information online regarding marketing, client relationships, SEO, writing and so much more.
Thanks Niv for being part of our Tribe! You can find his work here:
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