Feature : Tenille Campbell of Sweetmoon Photography

Jenna (Anishnaabe), and son. Walpole Island First Nation, Ontario.                Preset: Fernweh c7

Name: Tenille Campbell
Business Name: sweetmoon photography
Where is ‘home’: I’m currently located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada (Treaty 6 Territory) but I’m Dene from English River First Nation, a reserve located in Northern Saskatchewan, and I’m Metis from the Batoche, SK area.

ERFN Youth and Family Camp. English River First Nation, SK.  Preset: Fernweh c1

Years as a photographer/years in business: I became an official, registered business in Saskatoon in 2013. However, we all go through growing pains, and I first started my photography journey in 2008 when I moved to Vancouver to attend the UBC for my MFA in Creative Writing. Photography was an amazing and unexpected passion that developed as I walked along redwood forests and sandy beaches. I wanted to show my friends back home what trees looked like when they reached up and closed out the sky. I wanted them to see the rolling expanse of ocean as the sun set upon it. And I would reach for my camera, more and more. When I came back home to Saskatchewan, I continued on with photography, as I felt it was a natural extension of my original goal – storytelling. But now I am sharing stories of my people through images as well as orally. It’s a sacred place to be in, a position to be trusted with, and while I go forth with laughter and joy in the everyday with my clients and community, I am aware of my responsibilities to my people and myself.

What is your favorite Red Leaf action/preset: I’m a huge fan of the Fernweh Preset collection, as a whole. It’s clean and subtle, allowing for an organic emersion of story to take place. It works very well for the warmer skin tones I shoot, as well as the nature photography I lean towards. Natural light works amazingly well with this entire collection. The Expired Film Set (c9-c16) within Fernweh satisfies my need for grit and grain when I shoot more street photography, even though Fernweh c1 is my go-to. Alex (Dene) and Keegan. Outside of Saskatoon, SK. 
Preset: Fernweh c14 {exp. film}

How would you describe your photography style? I would describe my photography style as connected – my goal is for my clients to walk away feeling powerful, full of joy, and sharing in laughter with me. I can only do that by being open with them as we go through sessions, and making sure they feel confident in the poses and movements as I photograph them. There is a lot of laughter and amazingly hilarious stories as we shoot – I’m often asking them to remember the first time they got caught checking someone out, and then they smile and laugh with their heads tossed back, or they lean in and wrap their arms around their sweetie, shaking their head with a secret grin, and it’s that moment – of blushing, of remembering, of laughter, of connection.

Who is one person/couple you would love to photograph, living or passed on. All my grandparents. While I am lucky enough to have images of them from other people, I really would have loved to have them before my camera and capture images of them that spoke to me of our connection. I would love to have memories of a session between us, of how we laughed, of how they blushed when I asked them to cuddle, and the gentle affection of 50 years of marriage.

You’re going on holidays (you choose the destination) and you’re limited to one camera body/lens. What do you take and why? My dream vacation at the moment is a USA/Canada road trip with my daughter by my side. I would want to travel lightly, and I think I would take my Fujifilm x100s. It’s compact, lightweight, and has done well on previous road trips. And my daughter is an emerging shutterbug and I would suggest that she bring her Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 as it would be super interesting to see the trip from her perspective.

Zoey Roy (Métis) AKA Pricelys, a youth activist/storyteller/artist. Saskatoon, SK. Fernweh c5 – with shadows/warm

List one goal you have set for yourself to achieve or work toward in 2016. I have specific goals in building community for 2016. I’m naturally a charming introvert – I can be outgoing and a social butterfly but I need to take a four-hour nap afterward, basically – so the social aspects of being a photography business often overwhelms/exhausts me. I decided to reach out in ways I am passionate about. I’m taking on a mentoring role once a month with other new Indigenous photographers. This may mean a one-on-one session, discussing business ideas, inspirations and how to get started. This may mean taking an aspiring photographer along as an assistant to a shoot. This may mean sitting down in front of the computer and going through workflow. I’m excited about reaching out and giving back. 

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had offered you during your first year of shooting? Be as passionate about your business as you are about your art. Being a photographer is more then great photos and fun adventures. It’s a business. Have a business plan. Research your market. Research everything. Know your numbers. This will only make you a better business, and let you be in a more secure place to practice your art.

LEFT : Alexandra Thompson (Nakoda)
Fernweh c16 {exp. film} – with shadow tint/neutral, and lightening the shadows.
RIGHT : Darian Lonechild (Cree). 

Preset: Fernweh c16 {exp. film} – with  shadow tint/cool

Indigenous Avant Garde, makeup by Kacey Beaudry. Hair by Sasha Walls. Earrings by Beads, Rhymes, Life.

Darian Lonechild (Cree), Kari Wuttunee (Cree), Alexandra Thompson (Nakoda) and Jeff Mooswa (Cree). Indigenous Avant Garde, makeup by Kacey Beady        Preset: Fernweh c14 {exp. film} – with  shadow tint/warm

January 13, 2016 by Ali Thompson
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Tenille said:

fan-girling Thanks so much for the chance to chat about my work! These presets are a huge part of my finished look. Much love, T.


Nadia said:

Serious talent. I love her work.


Leslee said:

Fantastic – I’ve always loved your work and this story makes every image even more beautiful, to simply know your outlook. ?

Angel chartier

Angel chartier said:

This is a very interesting article – as I am a beginner in photography and also have a passion for photos. I love her style & humour – I am a fan of sweet moon- wishing she was mentoring me because I do not get the opportunity to further my photography skills

Emilie Iggiotti

Emilie Iggiotti said:

Gorgeous images!

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