{Inspiration} A preview of Tribe Red Leaf new presets

If you are part of our Facebook group, you might know that we are currently working on new presets which will be released soon. Here's a description of the presets and what it will represent:

They rise in us as tides and move in us like winds, they spark in us like flames and soothe us like the earth beneath our feet. The elements both surround and fill us, beckoning like the wilderness itself and awakening our passion for adventure. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit: each infuses our work with its own energy and life, inspiring us to explore and refine this extraordinary magic of capturing the light. Our newest presets draw the richness and power of the elements into each of your images, allowing them to tell their own stories of creation and connection. We’ve produced them in the hopes that, like a journey into the woods or a night under brilliant stars, they awaken your senses and renew your love for the craft.

We have asked some of our Tribe members to test the presets for us because we want to be sure that these presets will find its audience. Well, we were not disappointed by the results. 

We would like to thank all of the incredibly talented photographers who have contributed to the development of these sets. And here's a little preview of what will hit the shop very soon... 

Image by Space Wolf Grace - ELMT Water W03
Image by Grace and Jaden Photography - edited with ELMT Water W03
 Serafin Castillo - ELMT Earth E04
Image by Serafin Castillo - edited with ELMT Earth E04
Scott Hickenlooper - ELMT Fire F02
Image by Scott Hickenlooper - ELMT Fire F02
 Rustic White Photography - ELMT Air A04
Image by Rustic White Photography - edited with ELMT Air A04
 Rachel Barkman - ELMT Earth E04
Image by Rachel Barkman - edited with ELMT Earth E04
Paula O'Hara - ELMT Earth E01
Image by Paula O'Hara - edited with ELMT Earth E01
 Laura Murray - ELMT Spirit S04
Image by Laura Murray - edited with ELMT Spirit S04
 Kelly Brown - ELMT Water W03
Image by Kelly Brown - edited with ELMT Water W03
Jennifer Skog - ELMT Spirit S05
Image by Jennifer Skog - edited with ELMT Spirit S05
Fabio Oliveira - ELMT Spirit S02
Image by Fabio Oliveira - edited with ELMT Spirit S02
Arina B Photography - ELMT Water W01
Image by Arina B Photography - ELMT Water W01
Alaa Marzouk - ELMT Air A07
Image by Alaa Marzouk - edited with ELMT Air A07
Kylee Patterson - ELMT Spirit S01
Image by Kylee Patterson - edited with ELMT Spirit S01

Thanks again to all the photographers who have tested the presets for us. Stay tuned for more information about the release date! 

P.S.: Don't miss our Spring sale which is happening right now. More information here



March 23, 2016 by Emilie Iggiotti
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Chris & Alina

Chris & Alina said:

Yeah! We are so much looking forward to the new presets <3


Stefan said:

Can’t wait to use these!


Roxi said:

Hey guys! Is there a preset coming with 4 ways? like 01,02,03,04 in just one set? One more thing…is these 2 presets ELMT Spirit and one called ELMT Earth? Thank you a lot guys! :) Waiting for feedback! :)

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