Tribe Red Leaf Perspective with Joel Alston from Barefoot And Bearded Photography

{{LIVE}} What is often the most difficult obstacle of becoming (and remaining) a photographer?? ...Learning to balance our photographer chops with a little bit of business sense!

Tune in NEXT WEEK, to see Joel Alston of Barefoot and Bearded Photography, as he shares how he handles workflow AND holds onto his unique personality and vision!

Joel Alston - Barefoot and Bearded


TRIBE RED LEAF PERSPECTIVE {LIVE}: Episode 9 - Barefoot and Business - with Joel Alston of Barefoot & Bearded Photography

WHEN: THURSDAY, April 20th @ 5pm Eastern (**Friday Apr. 21 @ 7am NSW, AUS)
WHERE: The Tribe Red Leaf Users Facebook Group
WHAT: A 20-minute mentor session, to learn & be inspired!
HOW: Facebook Live
WHY: Learn how one successful photographer balances business, personality and artistry!
BONUS: A live Q&A will follow!

#MyPerspective #TRLPerspective #PerspectiveEpisode9

Image courtesy of Joel Alston : Barefoot & Bearded Photography


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