Tribe Red Leaf Perspective with the Portos!

TRIBE RED LEAF PERSPECTIVE {LIVE}: Episode 7 - Who do We Think We Are?

We are so excited to get to hear from Phillip Porto & Christa Porto of The Portos, next Monday!

These talented photographers, gifted mentors, and phenomenal people, will be chatting with us about what they’ve learned about knowing their audience, pinpointing their brand, and making their brand work!

We are so proud to have them as part of our Tribe, as Tribe Leaders & Ambassadors!! Don’t miss ‘em!

Image by The Portos

WHEN: Monday, March 20th @ 1pm EST (10am PST)

WHERE: The Tribe Red Leaf Users Facebook Group

WHAT: A 20-minute mentor session, to learn & be inspired!

HOW: Facebook Live

WHY: Focus on your identity, brand & voice


BONUS: A live Q&A will follow!

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