What's in your bag?

"What’s in your Bag?” Challenge!

We want to know! (And we know you do, too! :wink:)

What do you keep packed up, and ready to go, for any shoot?

What’s your tried-and-true, never-fail camera set-up?

What tools and accessories have you compiled, to keep you confident and creative, in any situation?

Whether it’s a tiny day pack, or a massive rucksack that’s heavier than you are, we want to see what you’re working with!

Let us satisfy our curiosity, while you win an awesome new camera bag from Vinta.co!

Post an image of your bag and everything you keep inside of it, with the hashtags #TRLwhatsinyourbag #liveandexplore

We’ll announce the winner on Monday, March 13!!

Happy posting!

What's in your bag challenge - Tribe Red Leaf



March 07, 2017 by Emilie Iggiotti
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