Element Air Lightroom Presets

$80.00 USD

A long, soft wind that pulls up over the whispering meadows, a tumbling breeze that twirls through the branches of the willow grove, a gust that flickers through the ocean surf and lifts its salty fragrance into the evening sky - the element of Air is absolute freedom, open space flushed with movement and with light.

Our clean, light-filled Air presets capture the clarity of the subtlest element to create images of lucid purity and elegance.

Set includes 8 Develop Presets (7 Color & 1 B&W) and 34 Adjustment Presets. For Adobe Lightroom 6 (CC), 5 & 4. and ACR Presets for Photoshop CC & CS6. (Both the Lr Presets and ACR Presets are included in purchase).

The Element Presets are based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile. This profile is compatible with most camera systems. Our presets are designed for RAW files, but will work on Jpeg/Tiff files with limitations, as the Camera Calibration Profiles are embedded in the Tiff and Jpeg files.

For more examples please click here to view our PDF guide.


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