Richard and Amy are a husband and wife team living on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. Growing up on the prairies instilled in them a strong foundation of values and an appreciation for the beauty of simplicity, and they continue to discover inspiration in film, old photographic portraits, the work of other artisans, and the natural landscape that surrounds them. After over ten years of building their own successful business their primary focus has settled on portraiture, editorial work and developing products for professional photographers. Passionate about fostering a sense of craftsmanship and timeless style in photography, they believe in the legacy of beautiful imagery and the value of printing great work.  


Emilie Iggiotti - Social Media Manager.   I am Emilie, a lifestyle photographer based in Montreal but moving to Edmonton soon. I love what I do because I do it with passion. I am a creative, non traditional and modern photographer. I prefer candid shots than staged pics. I choose romantic over tacky. I pick cute over cheesy. I believe in trusting the professional you hired and just wait to be surprised and amazed. I embrace spontaneity and don’t like control freaks. I work better when my belly is full. I prefer candid portraits than awkward group shots. I love natural light and sunsets. I have my own vision and I want to share it with you. If you like what you just read, contact me. I am sure, we will be good friends.

Born and raised in Reunion Island, I have discovered photography in 2006 and finally decided to become a photographer in 2009, after losing my job as a business lawyer and trying to find what I wanted to do with my life. I have a Master degree in law (specialized in Intellectual property and communication) and no degree in photography. But life has taught me that when you are passionate about something, you can learn more than you could ever imagine. This journey as a photographer has been life changing. In my previous life, I was sad and depressed and did not like my job. After deciding that life was too short to be sad every day, I finally became the person I wanted to be: happy, confident and optimistic. I do believe in destiny, and I do believe that I was born to be a photographer and to share my art with others.