Richard and I believe that the true journey of this art form is to uncover something uniquely brilliant in each of us – our voice. The photographer speaks in images, and so finding our voice means cultivating a definitive, evocative, and original style in our work while collectively refining the subtlety and power of our craft. How do we do this? Quite simply, our voice emerges clearly only after years of hard work – rigorous practice, serious reflection, continuous study, occasional failure, and sometimes periods of heartbreak. While the absolute truth is that there’s no quick or easy way around any of this, it helps to know that with courage and curiosity we can discover enormous pleasures throughout this complex journey of artistic growth.

For the beautiful image, simplicity is everything. And yet in the beginning, or during periods of growth in our career, the purity and elegance of simplicity can become utterly obscured by technical confusion, disorganized shoots, and complicated post-production that leads to overworked and underwhelming images. And while it hasn’t happened overnight for us, this journey is slowly but surely yielding an astonishing gift – the ability to speak volumes with our work. We understand now that timeless portraiture is most often defined not by artifice or pretense but by simplicity, clarity, and honesty. The very best images evoke a sense of effortlessness, while simultaneously reflecting the creative mastery of the artist behind the lens.

We believe that if you work hard to develop confidence in your work and this art form while maintaining a humble presence, beautiful images will follow. In addition, always practice patience. We’ve been in business for over twelve years and are still evolving. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that finding your creative voice takes time, dedication, and a willingness to change.  And ensure you enjoy the process because ultimately, that’s what it’s really all about.