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We Care

The distant rumble of rising tides crashing against the uneven shoreline.

The crackled crunch of dry leaves curled on the path carved ahead.

The vast valleys of prairie grass swaying softly when the wind whispers.  

The soundtrack of nature surrounds us when we’re blissfully lost in its depths.

A siren call to travelers and explorers alike, our wilderness offers more than majestic backdrops for our photography.

For those of us who call this vast terrain our home, it’s become our greatest energy source.

Together, we can protect our wildlife and preserve our wilderness.

We deeply care about the footprint we leave behind.

At Tribe Red Leaf, we are fiercely dedicated to affecting positive change in our local communities by investing in ocean conservation and wildlife support. What happens to our environment affects us all.

A portion of your Flint and Steel Preset purchase will be directly donated to nonprofit organizations who fight on behalf of our environment.

Thank you for your generosity in helping us give back to our roaring seas and boundless forests.

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s mission is to keep at least half of Canada's public land and water wild — forever. CPAWS is Canada’s only nation-wide charity dedicated to the protection of its public land and water. The organization exists to advocate and protect large, connected areas of Canada's wilderness.

Southern Strait of Georgia National Marine Conservation Area