Welcome to the Red Leaf Studios Inc. »Tribe Red Leaf«  As photographers and artists, we were all raised by the light. Born to the craft in moments of wonder at a silken sky or a pool of liquid sun spilling over our hands, we grew into it by studying the dance of luminosity and shade on every surface that they touched. Now our bliss lies in the slender thread of light stitched across the crest of a wave, in the seam of gold flung over the rim of a darkening valley, in the warmer shadow of one hand cupped and held inside another. Our tribe is diverse but we share a singular purpose: We’re here to see and share the light. Together, we illuminate.
The Element Lr Presets.  They rise in us as tides and move in us like winds, they spark in us like flames and soothe us like the earth beneath our feet. The elements both surround and fill us, beckoning like the wilderness itself and awakening our passion for adventure. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit: each infuses our work with its own energy and life, inspiring us to explore and refine this extraordinary magic of capturing the light. Our newest presets draw the richness and power of the elements into each of your images, allowing them to tell their own stories of creation and connection. We’ve produced them in the hopes that, like a journey into the woods or a night spent beneath brilliant stars, they naturally awaken your senses and renew your love for the craft.