Flint & Steel Presets

Flint & Steel Presets


Forged in fire and air, the friction of flint and steel illuminates an unforged path before us. The smoke creates an eerie veil above the dancing flames, a new perspective found in the haze of the unfamiliar, silently waiting to be discovered. Branches from a young sapling embrace one another as they snap and crackle in the flickering blaze, composing a memorable soundtrack of forgotten melodies hidden in the folds of the forest. 

Flint and steel strikers are known for their longevity, versatility, and consistency -- all of which are needed to perfect our visual craft. Our signature Lightroom presets were bred with the same intentionality, naturally enhancing every gorgeous image you capture on your journey.

Set includes 14 Develop Presets (9 Color & 3 B&W) and 2 Adjustment Presets. For Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & 4. and ACR Presets for Photoshop CC & CS6. (Both Lr & ACR Presets are included with purchase.  Please Note: These are NOT Photoshop Actions) 

The Flint & Steel Presets are based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile. This profile is compatible with most camera systems.

Visit the Flint & Steel page for more details and Before/After Examples. 

80 USD - Add to Cart