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Image Courtesy Salomé Fonseca

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Welcome to the Red Leaf Studios Inc. »Tribe Red Leaf«  As photographers and artists, we were all raised by the light. Born to the craft in moments of wonder at a silken sky or a pool of liquid sun spilling over our hands, we grew into it by studying the dance of luminosity and shade on every surface that they touched. Now our bliss lies in the slender thread of light stitched across the crest of a wave, in the seam of gold flung over the rim of a darkening valley, in the warmer shadow of one hand cupped and held inside another. Our tribe is diverse but we share a singular purpose: We’re here to see and share the light. Together, we illuminate. 
We believe that if you work hard to develop confidence in your work and this art form while maintaining a humble presence, beautiful images will follow. In addition, always practice patience. We’ve been in business for over fifteen years and are still evolving. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that finding your creative voice takes time, dedication, and a willingness to change.  We welcome you to join our tribe on this journey.   -Banner Image courtesy Don + Helen Bringas (Tribe Ambassador) 

FLINT AND STEEL LIGHTROOM PRESETS: Forged in fire and air, the friction of flint and steel illuminates an unexplored path before us. The smoke creates an eerie veil above the dancing flames, a new perspective found in the haze of the unfamiliar, silently waiting to be discovered. Branches from a young sapling embrace one another as they snap and crackle in the flickering blaze, composing a memorable soundtrack of forgotten melodies hidden in the folds of the forest. 

FORGED FXS (FUJI X SERIES) PRESETS: In their relentless pursuit of mastery, visual artists intentionally shape and sculpt new languages that can only be interpreted through the lens. Enhanced with brilliant light and rich shadows, their imagery sets flame to the ordinary to uncover the true masterpiece hidden within. Like a skilled blacksmith forging tools from metal and a solitary flame, our versatile Presets were personally crafted to illuminate the remarkable, impactful voice and story of each visual artist.




Image courtesy Jane Iskra



The light we shed from within breathes new life into neighboring photographers. From the depths of towering forests to the expanse of jagged shorelines, a chorus of visual artists flourishes in unison. Welcome to The Tribe Collective, a collaboration of Tribe Red Leaf, Tribe Photo Co and Tribe Archipelago, that empowers soulful, transformative work by providing real community support, photographer education, and enhanced post-production tools.



Together, we can protect our wildlife & preserve our wilderness.


Image Courtesy Leire Unzueta

Leire Unzueta - _DSF9166.jpg